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From The Desk Of: Ford R. Myers, Career Coach

Dear Friend,

You're about to discover the secrets that thousands of career-minded men and women have used to take their careers to a whole new level, and change their lives for the better.

Finding the ideal career no longer has to be a random event reserved for the lucky ones who happen to find a one-in-a-million dream job. It comes from a systematic, yet simple process that consistently produces excellent results.

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The Ultimate Career GuideThis first-of-its-kind downloadable e-book will enable you to make a “quantum leap” in your career. I’ve included ALL the same information that I provide to clients who work with me one-on-one, in full career coaching programs costing thousands of dollars and lasting many months.

There are literally hundreds of self-help books, workshops, and programs on the subject of career development on the market today. Please don’t confuse The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book with any of them. The Ultimate Career Guide is the only self-directed career solution that provides a revolutionary method proven to skyrocket your career success and your earning ability. Now, you too can use The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book to transform your own career — not someday — but starting today!


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You won’t find another product that’s anywhere near the caliber of The Ultimate Career Guide. All you’ll find out there is a hodge-podge of e-books or articles — each covering only a small slice of the “career success pie” — focusing just on resume writing, or just on salary negotiation, or just on interviewing skills, etc.

The Ultimate Career Guide is the only instantly downloadable career e-book that covers ALL career topics, from A to Z. You’ll have the entire soup-to-nuts package at your fingertips, which will enable you to navigate the “job-seeking maze” with ease! The Ultimate Career Guide is the next best thing to having me there in person, standing at your side, coaching you to the top of your game, and guiding you toward your career potential, every step of the way.

Your career is one of the most important aspects of your life — and how you manage it today will determine the quality of your life, and your family’s standard of living, for years to come. Therefore, I urge you to act now, and take this step toward a far brighter future.

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Wishing you career success now and always,

Ford R. Myers
President, Career Potential, LLC
Author of The Ultimate Career Guide™